A curse has been lifted of my heart
Its ashes blowing through branches of trees
Pounding its way through my memories
It burns now inside my aching bones
Awoken by you and the sound of your voice
To know in the end there is always a choice

Invoking my true natures desires
It's giving me the shivers of mirrors face
Could I, would I, should I leave a trace?
I ‘ve made my choice and reach within
A stone away from where I dwell in doubt
For what's lost will never be found without
Be still my love and dream of a world we all are One
Then there will be time to blossom
While dried tears become curses ashes
Beautiful stillness, let it be done


And now, the end is near
and I face my final burden
This is the time, this is the place
where all my desires will come to life
As I reveal the mists of Avalon
I become the Queen of lore and tales

Feel the Truth and speak no more
It's the silence within that I adore
As I leave now to become my desire
My only love that I was before
Become the Death to bring the Light
through the Pleiades
And make my Death become adored.